expoSItion project winners announced

All kinds of interesting projects related to the information professions were displayed Monday, March 22 at the annual expoSItion by School of Information students. The expoSItion and prizes for best projects were supported by John Deere Corp., Microsoft Research, and Yahoo!

The projects and the winners, as selected by expoSItion guests, were:

Best Overall Project Presentation

  • mibo: get Walking (first place, $750) — Malhar Gupta, Kathryn McCurdy, Eunkyoung Song, and Xiaowen Zhang
  • Food Buddha (second place, $500) — Kiran Jagadeesh, Urmila Kashyap, Jacob Solomon, and Weihua Wang
  • Night Beacon (third place, $250) — Yi-Wei Chia, Garima Garg, Michael Harmala, and Taeho Ko
  • NexText (honorable mention, $100) — Derek Blancey, Natalia Fisher, Amanda Kosater, Ari Parnes, and Matthew Scheinerman

Best Social Computing Project Presentation

  • Talking Points (first place, $500) — Zhenan Hong, Hanna Jung, Amy Kuo, Jane Leibrock, Sonali Mishra, Clint Newsom, Sangmi Park, Eunice Shin, Gary Suen, Jordan Washburn, Sui Yan, and Rayoung Yang
  • Peregrine (second place, $250) — Divye Bokdia, Simon Ng, Manaswi Shukla, Kshitiz Singh, and Saul Wyner

Best Community Information Project Presentation

  • NexText (first place, $200) — Derek Blancey, Natalia Fisher, Amanda Kosater, Ari Parnes, and Matthew Scheinerman
  • Zydeco (second place, $100) — Alex Pompe, Clara Cahill, Alex Kuhn, and Shannon Schmoll
  • FootPrints (third place, $50) — Janani Bhuvaneswari and Kumar Mayank

Other Projects

  • Archives of Michigan
  • Cuebert: A New Mixing Board Concept for Musical Theatre
  • WeV
  • Creating Virtual Catalog of the Yudin Collection at the Library of Congress
  • Ann Arbor Online Finding Aid, Bentley Historical Library
  • iGroup: A Visualization Widget for Ad-Hoc Team Building and Expertise Finding
  • RoundUp: Network Analysis and Visualization Tool Based on MSI Students Network
  • Walk-It
  • The Walker of OZ
  • News Websites: Broadening Their Appeal Through Social Interaction & Better Design
  • The Career Center Web Site
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